The Millenial’s Guide to Not Going Broke

A few simple tips to save money and time.
A few simple tips to save money and time.


So here’s the deal – I’m in America, where every dollar I spend translates to 65 bucks back home (India). As an Economist who is wrapping up the last months of school, and gearing up to pay back student loans – being smart about money matters.

Here are a few tips that I found helpful:

  1. I shop at Whole Foods sometimes and it doesn’t kill me.

    You know Whole Foods – with its green glistening aisles of organic food that tell you to sign over your first born with every purchase.

    But you can escape with a good credit score if you buy from the bulk bins instead of the already packed lentils, rice and other grains.

    Hear me out:

    Grains like Quinoa, as well as breakfast staples like oatmeal are a bit cheaper when you buy the same amount in bulk. Plus they replenish those little tubes faster than the pre-packaged bags of food in the aisles, so I guess it’s win-win here!

    All Credits to Whole Foods Market.
  2. Thank GOD for UBER Pool Passes.

    Ever since Uberpool started, I have been saving so much money travelling in Boston – but they made it even better! Now there’s a pass that you can use in Boston that makes commutes much cheaper than the T!

    So the T costs me 2.10 between stops, whereas the Uber pool with the PoolPass costs me only 2 bucks anywhere within the radius it plies in.

    It’s not only cheaper, it saves time and it’s so much more convenient!

    Link here:


    There’s this amazing Indian buffet called Shanti (in Boston) which even some foreigners swear by. It’s great Indian food for 10 bucks and all you can eat!

    It’s really hard to find good Indian food that cheap out here!

  4. Frozen Veggies are actually kinda great!

    Another grocery shopping tip: I love to cook but cleaning up is a pain – so pre-cut frozen veggies are my lifesavers now. Frozen peppers, onions, corn, beans – you name it! I buy these from trusty old Trader Joe’s since the quality is great (also they have combinations of veggies mixed by purpose – like Asian Stir Fry Mix ). I save so much time AND money (since these are usually 3 bucks a bag at most, while 2 whole peppers may cost 2 bucks each!)

Saving money is an art, that needs constant refining. You don’t have to hustle to be honest, but I love saving on these little things, so that I can treat myself to good dinners and good things on a student budget.

It works out.